Pilgrimage – Looking At Ground Zero Book


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Pilgrimage – Looking at Ground Zero: Photos by: Kevin Bubriski. The Afterword by: Richard B. Woodward. In the weeks that followed 9/11, Kevin Bubriski made four pilgrimages to the World Trade Center site. Once at the barricades surrounding the site, Bubriski found people experiencing a deep kind of personal reflection on the loss and mortalities. Each visitor began a moment of quiet reflection; staring off at the mountainous ruins of twisted steel and debris. This was the time their reality of devastation set in. A remarkable book capturing emotions one does not normally see unless you are at such setting of total destruction. Photos are in Black & White which impact the emotional moments far more dramatically than color would. Hardbound. B&W Photos. Pgs. 95. Book measures approximately 10″ wide X 11 1/4″ high. Note this book was obtained at a ‘close out’ sale – originally sold for $35.00.