Code 3 – FDNY Mack C Chief Cassano Engine 31



Code 3 Die Cast FDNY Commemorative Edition – Chief Cassano, Engine 31, Mack C. Pumper.Item # 12562. Released in September 2009. Back in 1969 Salvatore Cassano, a young US Army Veteran, was appointed as a New York City Firefighter and instructed to report to the Division of Training. Upon graduating ‘proby’ school, Cassano was assigned to Engine Company 31 in Lower Manhattan on January 24, 1970. Salvatore Cassano, proby, worked his way up to Chief. This is certainly a collector’s delight with only 2,500 produced in this limited edition. Included with this fine Mack C Pumper, is an acrylic display case, handbook on Chief Cassano, plus a Certificate of Authenticity. Measures approximately 5″ long X 1.5″ wide X 2″ high. 1:64th Scale.