Return Policies


Phone: 978-332-0175
P.O. Box 131
West Dennis, MA 01670

With prior authorization, merchandize can be returned within 30 days, referencing to your order date and shipping address. The return can be: replacement, credit, or refund. NOTE: returns must be in original packaging.   Please return the shipping label, packing slip & order forms. Notify us via email at: or telephone us at: 978-332-0175 at time you post the return.
Your return can be a replacement of same item, different item(s), credit or refund. If refund, and paid via Visa or Master Charge, we shall Credit your account for the amount due you (excluding postage/handling). If refund and paid via check, we shall mail you a check for the amount due you, less the postage/handling fee. If refund via a Gift Card, a new Gift Card will be reissued to you.

Save all packaging and notify us as soon as possible via email at: or telephone us at: 508-760-0030.  We will then advise you what to do to replace the item. 

NOTE: All returns must be in original packaging.  Remember to return the  packing slip . 

Thank you!