Fire Strikes The Chicago Stock Yards. Book


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Fire Strikes The Chicago Stock Yards – A History of Flame and Folly in the Jungle. By: John F. Hogan and Alex A. Burkholder. Wade through the endless smoke of Chicago’s Union Stock Yards, the site of nearly three hundred extra-alarm fires before the closure in 1971. Where some of the most disastrous conflagrations of the city famous for its fires. In 1910, twenty-one firefighters and three civilians were killed in a blaze at a beef warehouse – the largest death toll for an organized fire department in the nation prior to 9/11. The meatpackers who ran the yards considered the constant threat of fire as part of the cost of doing business, shrugging it off with an “its all right” attitude. But, the firefighters who were forced to plunge into the flames time and again were entirely against this attitude. Pgs. 160. Softbound. Over 25 B&W images. Book measures approximately 6 inches wide X 9 inches high.