Police Cars Book


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Police Cars by: Malcolm Bobbitt. This is an exceptional illustrated history covering over 150 rare archive photographs to tell the fascinating, untold story of British police vehicles in use over the past 100 years. Cars chosen for police work have varied according to the many purposes for which they have been used, from traffic control and observations to attending accidents and crime scenes and chasing bandits. The advent of the British motorways in the 1950’s swiftly accelerated performance of private cars, which in turn forced the police to adopt some of the fastest, most advanced cars of the time. Author Bobbitt has delved deeply into police files to discover the first police use of a motor car and a radio car, to explore the origins of the Flying Squad and the Panda car to show how bells and sober color schemes gave way to flashing lights two-tone sirens and gaudy colors of the present. Hardbound. B&W Photos. Pgs. 160