Milwaukee Police Station Bomb of 1917. Book


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The Milwaukee Police Station Bomb of 1917. By: Robert Tanzilo. It is hard to believe that back in 1917, Milwaukee Police station was bombed and caused the largest loss of police life in a single incident in the USA until 9-11-2001. On a September day in 1917, a patriotic, pro-Protestant preaching of an Italian immigrant pastor ignited a riot in Milwaukee’s small Italian enclave of Bay View. Two months later, someone placed a bomb in the Third Ward church in an apparent act of retaliation and a parishioner carried the explosive to the Central Police Station, where the bomb detonated, killing nine police men and one civilian. Within a week the trial of the Bay View began in a city inflamed with fear, distrust and vengeance. The buzz attracted big names to the case including attorney Clarence Darrow and the radical heroine Emma Goldman. Author Robert Tanzilo has carefully navigated the minefield of racial, political and religious tensions that tore apart Milwaukee’s Italian community back then. Spell bounding! Softbound. Photographs Black and White. Pages 159. Book measures approximately 6 inches wide X 9 ¼ inches high.