Ashton – Mack LT 1954 1000 Gal. Fire Pumper Glendale, CA



Ashton – Mack LT  1954 1000 Gal. Pumper Glendale, California, E-23. No. 43G. Hand built in the USA by Ashton Models. This piece has everything you have come to expect from Ashton. There are numerous moving parts, and a number of items are removable. Featured in a bright yellow color. A worthy Mack for any diehard fire diecast collector! Measures approximately 7 inches long X 2 1/4 inches high X 2 1/4 inches wide. All Ashton Models are retired and were built in very small quantities. Ashton stock comes with original packaging. Some of our Ashton stock may have been used as store display, kept under glass and away from natural light. Others have never been removed from the box. 1:43 scale.