Ahrens-Fox 1923 Type K17 Tillered Ladder, Cincinnati. Ashton.1:5



1923 Ahrens-Fox, Type K-17 Tillered City Service Ladder, Cincinnati, Ohio. Another Ashton beauty by Gerhard Klarwasser. A very unique Ahrens Fox made for the Cincinnati, Ohio fire department. Only a few were made and we believe these were for the city of Cincinnati. The vehicle has all the bells and whistles we are accustomed to seeing on the Ashton’s. Handcrafted and made in the USA with numerous moveable and removal parts, such as ladders, lights, tiller, etc. Exceptional detailing WITH s gold leaf lettering on hood: Cincinnati Fire Dept., and beautiful scrolling gold leaf on front fenders. The Tillered ladder measures approximately 13 inches long X 3 inches high X 2 inches wide. 1:50th Scale. Limited Edition and limited supply. For the connoisseur collector!