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Disaster In Lawrence, The Fall of the Pemberton Mill. By: Alvin F. Oickle. The destruction was unimaginable. While workers in nearby factories watched with horror as the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, buckled and then collapsed. More than six hundred workers were trapped, many of them women and children. Word of the disaster spread quickly and volunteers rushed to the scene. As survivors called out for help, a lantern fell, and within minutes fire engulfed the building, burning those trapped inside. It took days for rescuers to complete the grim task of removing the dead. Author, Alvin F. Oickle’s riveting account illustrates why, nearly a century and a half later, the Pemberton collapse is still considered one of the worst industrial calamities in American history. B&W photos and line drawings. Softbound. Pgs.125. Book measures approximately 7 inches wide X 10 inches high.