Stories of Fire


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Stories of Fire by: Paul Hashagen. Author, Paul Hashagen has brought the reader to stand next to the most courageous and daring men that have brought honor to our Nation’s fire departments from coast to coast. From Brooklyn to lower Manhattan and to points beyond, you will sense you are breathing the dark, whirling smoke, feel the crisping nature of the heat and brace against the greatest perils of the burning and collapsing interiors of horrific fires. Paul Hashagen has been fighting fires since 1976. In 2003, he retired from the FDNY, serving 25 years of which 20 of these years was with the Rescue Company 1. Presently he enjoys writing books, and is a contributing author at Fire Rescue Magazine, and writes under the monthly historical column historical column “Distant Fires’. This is a fantastic ‘must read’ book with so many aspects of what firefighters do to grow as a seasoned firefighter. Everyday no matter what, we turn out on good, bad and very bad, worst day every, situations. Softbound. Pgs. 246, Autographed by the author. Book measures approximately 7 inches wide X 9 inches high. Note some of the material above are comments made by Dennis Smith and Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder. Also available is “A Distant Fire” by Paul Hashagen, a classic book, which covers the history of the FDNY with thrilling intensity, exciting history and legendary figures of the FDNY.