New York’s Bravest Firefighters Book


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New York’s Bravest. By: Mary Pope Osborne with paintings by: Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher. In the 1840’s there was a New York City firefighter named Mose Humphreys, whose bravery was known throughout the city. Over the years, legends about Mose’s strength and heroics grew to larger-than-life proportions. Author, Mary Pope Osborne has added her own ‘two cents’ to the old legends, telling an exciting and touching story – that introduces Mose – all of eight feet tall and able to swim the Hudson River in two strokes. This little-known American tall tale can now take its place on the bookshelves with Johnny Appleseed. A charming, beautifully illustrated story that enhances the firefighters life and is a great ‘early reader’ or read-to-me book for the ‘future firefighter! A great book to bring to any classroom. Illustrated in full color. Hardbound. Pgs. 30. $15.95