The Pendleton Disaster Off Cape Cod, A True Story



The Pendleton Disaster Off Cape Cod, A True Story, by Theresa Mitchell Barbo and Captain W. Russell Webster USCG(Ret.). The greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history.  This book recounts the historic rescue of 32 merchant mariners from the sinking Pendleton off the coast of Cape Cod.

During a fierce nor’easter two merchant marine oil tankers, the Pendleton and the Fort Mercer, both snapped in half during the wicked storm of February 1952, the Pendleton being off the shore of Cape Cod near the Chatham Coastguard station. This daring rescue was performed by four young, relatively unexperienced Coast Gaurdsmen at night, during the height of the storm, in a small 36 foot motor lifeboat. A compelling account of this historic incident, and a must read for anyone!! Paperback.