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San Francisco Police Department An Images of Americas Series – by: John Garvey – The San Francisco Police Department in California, would be the first to tell you that police work in this city is nothing like Dirty Harry or The Streets of San Francisco. It is a gritty reality, occasionally infused with glamor, but always characterized by the unusual proceedings found as a matter of course in this unique city. The Department was established in 1849, when the Gold Rush created a desperate need for law enforcement. The SFPD has presided over notorious events, including the case of the Zodiac Killer, Zebra Murders, the Patty Hearst Hibernia Bank robbery, the 1974 assassination attempt on President Gerald Ford, the Golden Dragon Restaurant and 101 California Street Massacres. Culled from archives and private collections, vintage photographs pay tribute through the years. Author and native San Franciscan, John Garvey, whose ancestors served on the early force, is a graduate of the SFPD Citizens Police Academy. High quality B&W photos. Softbound. Pgs. 128.