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San Diego Police Department – Images of America Series. By: Steve Willard. Foreword by: Chief William Lansdowne. The San Diego Police Department dates back to 1889, when out-of-control crime forced the end of the highly ineffective city marshal’s office. With violence on every corner and Tombstone’s venerable Wyatt Earp running the marshals’ gambling interests, change was desperately needed. But the first days of the SDPD were not easy. Within two years of the forming of SDPD the city’s economy tanked 36,000 of the town’s 40,000 citizens left, and the department’s newly appointed chief refused to take the job. Still San Diego eventually developed into one of the nation’s largest cities and most popular tourist destination. Author Steve Willard is a 20-year member of the San Diego Police Department and brings you images of San Diego’s finest in the heat of intense action and fulfillment of the everyday duties that illustrate what it really means to protect and serve. B&W Photos. Softbound. Pgs 126