Oakland Fire Department Book


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Oakland Fire Department – An Images of America’ Series. By Captain Geoffrey Hunter. For over 150 years, the Oakland Fire Department in California has battled to preserve the lives and property of its citizens. In 1853 volunteer engine and hook and ladder companies organized and the Oakland Fire Department was formed in 1869. Until 1922, teams of magnificent horses pulled steamers belching black smoke and embers with firemen holding on for dear life. These gallant fire horses were as much firefighters as the rugged men of Oakland who extinguished blazes with leather hoses and brass nozzles. After waging an internal battle of racial integration – a 35 year struggle that began in 1920 – Oakland became one of the first in the nation to hire women firefighters beginning in 1980. A diverse department unflinchingly confronted three major recent disasters – the Caldecott Tunnel Fire of 1982, the Loma Prieta Earthquake and freeway collapse in 1989, and the apocalyptic Oakland Hills Fire in 1991. Author Geoffrey Hunter, a Captain in the Oakland Fire Department has searched for the best and most dramatic images to illuminate this inspiring and authoritative history. High quality B&W photos. Softbound. Pgs. 128