New London Firefighting. Connecticut Book


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New London Firefighting – Images of American series. By: Tara Samul. New London Fire Department in Connecticut was established in 1767. New London FD has had a successful history of emergency medical service, heroic assistance during natural disasters and fantastic firefighting. The city’s most notorious fire occurred on September 6, 1781. Under the command of he infamous traitor, General Benedict Arnold, the British troops set New London ablaze. A great deal of life and property was lost. In 1u86 the residents began the first regular fire company which eventually evolved into eight volunteer companies. This is an excellent chronicle that initial humble volunteers system up to todays technologically advances apparatus and career personnel. Author, Samul compiled this photographic history from the extensive collections of the New London FD and private collectors. At the request of the author, Tara Samul, all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated tot the Dr. Carl Wies Scholarship Trust. Softbound. B&W Photos. Pgs. 128.