Flesh & Blood So Cheap, Triangle Fire, New York City. Book


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Flesh & Blood So Cheap, the Triangle Fire and Its Legacy.  By:  Albert Marrin.  On March 25th, 1911, the Triangle shirt-waist factory in New York City burst into flames.  It was a crowded factor with all its doors locked to ensure that workers stayed inside. One hundred forty-six people, mostly women, perished.  This was one of the most lethal workplace fires in American history, until September 11, 2001.  The Triangle building was fireproof.  But alas, the fireproof was for the exterior while the interior was not.  This is revisiting the poor working conditions and greedy bosses and the garment workers discovering the endless sacrifices they were required to make to help meet ends of daily living. A story of unimaginable, but avoidable disaster.  A story of the unquenchable spirit of fearless immigrant women who stood up to business and got America on their side and changed working conditions for the entire Nation with radical new laws that we take for granted today.  An incident dating back to 1911 that should not be forgotten along with the 911 conflagration of the Twin Towers. Author Albert Marrin wrote this book for our young adults, but should be read by any history buff or firefighter.  Marrin’ book was a Finalist at the National Book Award.  Hardbound.  Black & White photos. Pages 122. Book measures approximately 9   1/2  inches wide X 8   1/4 inches high.