Firefighter in Chicago History, 1920’s. 1:32nd Scale


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Firefighters in History – Chicago Fire Department 1920’s. With massive pumping engines of the 1920’s creating Niagara’s of water to fight fire, the firefighter’s raincoat came into vogue. Long- enough-to-keep-water-out of the rubber boots and stout enough to protect from burning embers. The rubber coat and the traditional long back brim leather fire helmet protected the firefighter from the rage of the fire and the flood of water used to extinguish the flames. Most fires were fought from outside of the building, so rubber and leather was sufficient protection. This attractive hand-painted metal miniature statue stands approximately 2 ½” tall. The firefighter of the 1920’s is one in the series of “Firefighters Through History – Chicago 1920’s”, presented by Corgi for their Heroes Under Fire Series. Certificate of Authenticity comes with the figurine. Limited Edition. 1:32nd Scale.