Ashtabula Firefighting Book


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Ashtabula Firefighting – Image of America Series. By: Eric A. Johnson. Ashtabula is the most northeastern ‘pioneering community’ of Ohio. In days gone by, fires were fought by untrained civilians manning bucket brigades. The establishment of a volunteer fire corps became a reality for Ashtabula village on November 29, 1836. But this came to be a short-lived vision. In the 1850’s, efforts were made again, to establish another volunteer fire fighting endeavor. Up to the present, now paid fire department, the reader will experience the ups and downs of forming a fire company, their apparatus, their men, their town, and their fire fighting efforts to keep their community whole. Excellent B&W photos. Softbound. Size: 6 ½” W X 9 ¼” L. Pgs. 127